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( Multiple test in one instrument )

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Technical Data


Demonstration Video of TURNS-LCRTZ


Vasavi Digital Turns Tester can test 

Inductance , Capacitance , AC Resistance, DC Resistance , Impedance, Transformation Ratio (for transformers with TR JIG)
Turns and winding polarity . Simultaneous indication of value & tan delta . Very high resolution of tan delta. 0.0001

Optional RS232C port for PC control with control software for MULTI-TESTING.


Measurement  Freq.

 50Hz, 100HZ,500Hz, 1KHz, 5KHz,10 KHz

Measurement Voltage

 0.1 V ~ 1.0 V RMS

Four Terminal or Kelvin Test

 For eliminating  lead resistance/inductance.

Measure Mode

 Series/Parallel EQ. selectable


 Simultaneous display of Value  with Units and D.F/Q.F.: 
0.5" LED Display : 4dgt -Value, 2dgt -Units   4 dgt - D.F./Q.F/P.A. Plus LED status indication

Auto Ranging

 with Range-Hold facility

Inductance (L)


Quality Factor (Q.F.)

 0.001- 999 (+2%+0.1Q @ 1KHZ, +5%+0.5Q@ Other Freq. Q<100.0)



Tan Delta (D.F.)

 0.0001-9.999     (+0.0002+1%rdg @ 1KHZ, +0.001+2%rdg @ Other Freq.

Res. (Rac) & Impedance (Z)

0.01 Ohm-200KOhm

Res. (Rdc)


Trans.Ratio & POLARITY

 0.001-1.0000 ( +0.2%+1 dgt @ 1KHZ     +0.5%+1 dgt @ OTHER ) With TRJIG (Supplied on option)

Turns & Polarity

Toroidal / Bobbin

1 Turn ~ 10,000 Turns (0.5% + 0.5T)

Power requirement

 110~230V / 50 ~ 60 Hz AC MAINS


Toroidal Turns Platforms:

Possible Tests:Can   test Turns, Inductance, Polarity, DC resistance at  one go by controlling the instrument by PC  and connecting the coil to the platform.

Turns test for non-toroidal coils or transformers: Test turns for  any transformer or coil with core . The core can be EI,EE,UU, RM, POT  etc.  You must be able to pass any thin probe wire around the winding. The core must not have air gap.

Other Features

Kelvin Test: For Direct connection without platform the  instrument  has 2  pairs of connections. One pair for drive and the other pair for sense. This separate connection can be utilized for  testing transmission / transformation parameters. You will be able to test transformation ratio.

Impedance Test: Though impedance is  2 pin test, it also involves connection of load impedance or load resistance. If you are testing impedance only,  you can connect the load impedance permanently to the test jig.

Winding  Polarity  Test:  In  addition  to  Transformation ratio test,  the instrumentalso checks the polarity  of  winding  with  respect  to reference winding. If  the  secondary is  not in phase with primary then the system displays  -ve sign.

Unbalance Test (with RS232C control): This test calculates the percentage unbalance of the previous two tests. You can measure unbalance of Inductance, Capacitance, Resistance and Impedance.  If the individual readings are R1 and R2 then
(R1- R2)  x 100

Vasavi Digital Turns Tester with RS232C Control : (PC Control Software)

The instrument is controlled through external PC through RS232C port. The system software works on Windows platform. All the test results will be transferred to a database files with connected file name. The database table is compatible to fox-pro table. You can import these files to other softwares for creating graphs and other analysis.

User  Friendly Menu driven software
The instrument  not only  tests and displays the results but  also analyses the tested  results against  set  limits on each parameter.Each  test  can be defined with different  test  parameters and different test conditions like Test  frequency. After completing the tests as per defined procedure the results  are dynamically displayed after each test on the monitor of the system.

Password Requirement: The control software expects two levels of users. 
Level-1 user - Person with Password: A person  who  understands the transformer, its windings, drawings,  specifications. This  person  will   be  provided with the password  and  will be able to access all menu items.
Level-2 user - Person without Password: This persons can select the test file, test the components and take reports.

Testing Multi-pin transformers at one go with Pause Option: You can test multipin component with this option. The system pauses before each test. Suppose that you have defined 10 tests with pause option. While testing, the display prompts you to press a key before each test. Before pressing the key change the input connections for the coming test. You need not to remember or note the test results for each test. The system consolidates all the defined  tests , displays the tested results and also prompts you Go or NO GO based on limits entered for each parameter. Further you can also take  a report on the printer if selected and connected.

Pictures of TURNS-LCRTZ :

TUNS-LCRTZ : Technical Data ; YouTube Demonstration