Computerized Automatic Relay Tester (CVRT-S16)

CVRT-S8 & S16 are ideal for automatic testing of ELECTRO MECHANICAL AND READ RELAYS (only DC relays) both for static and dynamic characteristics. This system scans at one stroke, all the parameters of the relay as per definition of test procedure. The test sequence can be pre-programmed and stored in the disk. You can select the tests as per your requirement. Can include or exclude the test and you can have several options to match your test definitions. Semi skilled person can be engaged for actual testing, as he need not make any settings and need not interpret the readings. The system conducts the tests and gives PASS / FAIL indication on overall test results. If a printer is connected, each test result will be printed. 

Scans at a stroke all the following parameters :

  1. Warm-up Voltage with Specified Number of Cycles @ Specified Voltage.

  2. Socket Check & Contact Form Test

  3. Coil Resistance.

  4. PickUp/Pull In /Operating Voltage or Current Linear Ramp Method or Step Method.

  5. Measure Pickup Contact Gap FBB-LBB V or mA

  6. DropAway/Drop Out/Release Voltage or Current Linear Ramp Method or Step Method.

  7. DropAway Contact Gap FFB-LFB V or mA

  8. % Release Dropaway/Pickup

  9. Contact Resistance of all contacts both Front and Back contacts.

  10. Operating Time @ Set Voltage or Current.

  11. Contact Bounce or Chattering Time while Operating @ above

  12. Release Time @ Set Voltage or Current.

  13. Contact Bounce or Chattering Time while release @ above

  14. Difference of Operate Time - Release Time.

  15. Bridging Test or Non Overlap Test.

  16. Transfer or Traverse Times while Operate and release.

  17. Operate Time @2nd Set Voltage or Current.

  18. Release Time @2nd Set Voltage or Current.

  19. Power Consumption @ Rated Voltage.

  20. Coil Current @ Rated Voltage at Room Temperature.

  21. Coil Resistance Corrected to 20deg C.

  22. Timing Waveform Graph for all active Contacts.

User can define the report printing as per the requirements. Customize on DATE, TIME, Test Result, PASS/FAIL, Print Every 10th/50th/100th Test Print Sl.No. Jump by 10

If the customer desires VASAVI will take up the DATA CAPTURE AND STATISTICAL analysis of the test results. If opted the system transfers the tested values into a database in no time for future analysis. The SQA software will provide X-R charts, frequency distribution curves and STANDARD DEVIATION.

For untrained user if any logical errors while setting or selecting test conditions the system guides the user with suitable messages.

The CVRT is to be controlled by an external PC through RS232C port.

CVRT-S8 : For maximum of 8 contacts testing. (Technical Data)
CVRT-S16 : For maximum of 16 contacts testing. (Technical Data)